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Resilience in motion; Remaining agile in a pandemic

Resilience in motion; Remaining agile in a pandemic In times of change, resilience has proven paramount in remaining open throughout this pandemic. In an uncertain landscape, ICC Sydney has successfully taken an agile approach and continuously adapted to the current health regulations. Despite not knowing how long the road to recovery is, our successes in the venue give us confidence…

Funding available for your 2021 Business event

If you are planning to host a meeting or an event this year in Sydney with more than 50 people then we thought it’s an opportune time to draw your attention to the BE Sydney Kickstart Campaign which offers funding to business events taking place across Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong before the end of the year.

Interview with Barry Neame by Joyce DiMascio: Challenges facing PCOs

Barry Neame is half of the double act that owns Canberra-based conference and event management company, Consec.

Neame and his wife Pamela have run the business for 26 years specialising in association conferences and association management.

The difficulties of the past 15 months don’t compare to anything they have experienced in the quarter of a century of running the business together.

Introducing Crowne Plaza Connections

We know that there is no real substitute for coming together to meet & celebrate as a group.

But in today’s fast moving and dynamic environment we can still stay connected with real time gatherings in smaller groups and be invigorated as a collective.

EventsAIR launches new version of OnAIR

EventsAIR launches new version of OnAIR BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND – April 2021 EventsAIR announces its release of its latest version of its phenomenally successful virtual and hybrid event solution OnAIR. Since May 2020, the team at EventsAIR has been helping event planners around the globe deliver great virtual event experiences to over 800,000 attendees. With its latest release, EventsAIR raises the…