Company Certification

  • Once the application form has been completed, please send along with the required supporting documentation and application fee to our nominated independent Auditor.
  • The Auditor will notify PCOA that an application has been received and will only provide the name of the applicant business.
  • The Auditor will assess the application and communicate with the necessary bodies for verification of the information provided by the applicant.
  • After the application has been evaluated, the PCOA will be notified only as to the success or failure of the application.
  • If successful, the applicant’s details will be added to the CEC section of the website.
  • If unsuccessful, the applicant will be informed as to why their application was unsuccessful and will have an opportunity to provide additional information, (within a 30 day time limit), so their application assessment can be continued.
  • If declined, an unsuccessful applicant will have the right to appeal to the Dispute Resolution Team (DRT).
  • At no stage will the PCOA have access to or be provided with copies of the information provided by the applicant.

Please note: Membership Code of Conduct can be viewed here.

Criteria for CEC Certification

Applicants must be current members of the PCOA.

The following paperwork and accompanying fee of AUD$525 must be attached to the application to be a Certified Event Company.
  • Details of software systems used to support company processes including registration and payment systems. It is noted that companies will from time to time switch software systems used (particularly under the Cloud) so this should include the most current and commonly used system
  • Attach details of the QA system that the business currently has in place
  • Attach a copy of the Certificate of Business Registration
  • Attach a copy of the annual ASIC Statement of Solvency
  • Attach a copy of the standard contract of services provided to clients
  • Attach a copy of the PI insurance policy (for a minimum of $1 million) and certificate of currency
  • Attach a copy of the Public Liability insurance policy and certificate of currency
  • Attach details of information back-up systems (procedures and software information) to ensure client property is safeguarded
  • Attach a copy of the company’s Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Attach a copy of the company’s Risk Management Plan for conferences & events
  • Attach a signed statement acknowledging and noting compliance with the PCO Association Membership Code of Conduct
  • Attach a statement of compliance with PCI requirements regarding handling and security of credit card information
  • Attach a summary of finance and accounting procedures for client monies ensuring that client monies are maintained and are separately identifiable from the company’s money
  • Attach a statement that the company is compliant with Fair Work Australia laws regarding employment of staff and their entitlements. This should be accompanied by a copy of a standard employment contract for the company
  • Details of currently employed Certified Event Manager (CEM).

If successful, the applicant agrees to a tri-annual procedures audit (to the cost of the business) re QA, conference computer system, general business processes and sighting of conference accounts as per above.

(includes Auditor fees)
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