Producers, Managers
and Convenors

Event Managers

The PCOA launched the CEM Certification program in July 2009.

The following members are accredited by the PCOA in accordance with the PCOA Certification program guidelines for individual members.

  • Petra Bacic, Public Sector Network Events, NSW
  • Renee Bennett, Encanta Event Management
  • Dean Bradley, Convention Management New Zealand Ltd, NZ
  • Denise Broeren, Think Business Events
  • Natalie Brumniach, Cornerstone Events
  • Lucretia Budden, Convention Management New Zealand Ltd NZ
  • Abby Budge, Consec – Conference and Event Management
  • Francis Child, The Association Specialists
  • Donna Clapham, Workz4U Conference Management Ltd
  • Roslyn Connor, Government House
  • Ali Copeman, akB Conference Management Ltd, NZ
  • Dianna Crebbin, DC Conference & Association Management
  • Shelley Cunningham, CD Event Management, NZ
  • Lidia Dalton, Expert Events
  • Sarah Dixon, Catalyst Event Solutions
  • Julia Donat, AST Management
  • Mary Duval, Duval Events
  • James Fawcett, ASN Events
  • Nadine Giatras, ASHM Conference & Events Division
  • Tone Gibson, University of Newcastle Australia
  • Michelle Glasson, GEMS Events Management
  • Marleen Goedhart, Icon Conference & Event Management
  • Leanne Gollasch, Conference Logistics
  • Tricia Hopkins, Kaigi Conferencing and Events
  • Julie Jerbic, Watermark Events
  • Nicole Johnson, Local Government Association of Queensland
  • Debra Kelly, Australian Chiropractors Association
  • Nadia Kentera, KE Creative
  • Theni Kuppusamy, Leishman Associates
  • Paula Leishman, Leishman Associates
  • Tricia Mahoney, Inhouse Event Solutions
  • Elizabeth Maxwell, ESP Ventures Limited, NZ
  • Julie McGraw, GEMS Event Management
  • Inge Meggitt, Eventful Meetings and Events
  • Kate Miller, Chilli Fox Events
  • Leanne Mulheran, Expert Events
  • Kate Murphy, KAM Events
  • Sue-Ellen Nagi, Sane Event Group
  • Barry Neame, Consec – Conference and Event Management
  • Gloria Nykl, Loan Market Group
  • Peter Oxford, Showcase National Dance Championships
  • Dani Palmieri, Think Business Events
  • Jodie Parker, Iceberg Events
  • Mike Pickford, ASN Events
  • Tony Pool, High Profile Events (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Anne-Marie Quinn, All Occasions Group
  • Jade Riolo, Encanta Event Management
  • Stacey Rupil McFadden, Kaigi Conferencing & Events
  • Karen Sainsbury, Cornerstone Events
  • Gina Shaw, Conference Logistics
  • Shanna Sheldrick, Premier Event Concepts
  • Mary Sparksman, YRD Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kim Stevenson, Think Business Events
  • Helene Stewart, Leishman Associates
  • Jess Swinnerton, Public Sector Network Events
  • Wayne Taylor, Taylored Images
  • Wilna van Eyssen, Eventsmart, New Zealand
  • Isabel Venables, Watermark Events
  • Gregory Vickers, Conference Solutions
  • Arna Wahl Davies, Composition Ltd, NZ
  • Rhys Wallace, Phoenix Conferencing
  • Kerrie Wise, Destination Conference & Incentive