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PCOA joins the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

The PCO Association (PCOA) recently announced that the PCOA has become a proud member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

ACCI is the largest and most representative business association in Australia, speaking on behalf of Australian businesses both here and overseas, and consults with its members to provide well-considered input into public debate and government processes that shape the development of policy.

Its national network – six state and two territory chambers, about 430 local and regional chambers, and more than 80 industry associations – will provide additional potential relationships for PCOA members.

The PCOA strongly believes there are a range of benefits ACCI membership will deliver to the PCOA – including advocacy and lobbying to the Federal Government, particularly for our industry sector.

The PCOA membership not only offers exclusive benefits but also provides access to various influential committees where PCOA’s participation can help shape the industry landscape. As a member, we can actively contribute to the ACCI committees listed below: –

  • Economics, Industry and Sustainability Committee
  • Education, Employment, & Training Committee
  • Trade and International Affairs Committee
  • Workplace Relations Policy Committee
  • Workplace Health & Safety and Workers Compensation Committee
  • Australian Chamber – Tourism

In addition to providing a voice to the country’s policymakers, we will be members alongside Australia’s highest profile businesses and brands, which at the end of the day, are the very organisations with which we work to organise their conferences and/or events.

ACCI chief executive officer, Andrew McKellar said PCOA’s membership would enhance ACCI’s advocacy for key issues that impact Australia’s professional conference organisers, event managers, and other practitioners in the conference and event space. PCOA is a highly regarded industry body in a critical sector of the visitor economy, and business events, and the work they do to facilitate trade, investment, and innovation is valuable,” Mr McKellar said.

As we move forward, PCOA is eager to persist in its advocacy and unwavering support for the business events industry. We are committed to fostering growth, driving innovation, and championing the interests of our members.

Barry Neame
PCO Association