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How to Choose your perfect Conference Photographer

You’re creating an epic event and encompassing all the specifics your client is throwing at you. Your next task is booking a photographer, but your favourite photographer isn’t available.

Helen Oswald, Magnetic Shots and PCOA business partner, shares below the three important things to consider when selecting your photographer.

New Zealand’s meeting newz – May/June 2021

New Zealand’s meeting newz – May/June 2021 In this edition our cover story focuses on Christchurch and Canterbury, while also visiting Nelson, Marlborough, Taupo and Brisbane. We cover the latest industry news and our MEETINGS preview supplement. There’s our regular people on the move, social scene and industry update columns too.

Indigenous Awareness: NAIDOC Week Speakers

This July all of us here at ICMI are excited to come together with Australians across the country to celebrate NAIDOC Week and pay our respects to one of the oldest civilisations on earth. Recognition of Indigenous Australian history, culture and rights has come so far since the Aboriginal Day of Mourning became one of the first major civil rights gatherings in the world in 1938. This day, marking 150 years of colonial invasion, is recognised as the beginning of the contemporary Aboriginal political movement. It quickly became an annual protest, and later, re-imagined as Aborigines Day.

Resilience in motion; Remaining agile in a pandemic

Resilience in motion; Remaining agile in a pandemic In times of change, resilience has proven paramount in remaining open throughout this pandemic. In an uncertain landscape, ICC Sydney has successfully taken an agile approach and continuously adapted to the current health regulations. Despite not knowing how long the road to recovery is, our successes in the venue give us confidence…

Funding available for your 2021 Business event

If you are planning to host a meeting or an event this year in Sydney with more than 50 people then we thought it’s an opportune time to draw your attention to the BE Sydney Kickstart Campaign which offers funding to business events taking place across Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong before the end of the year.

Introducing Crowne Plaza Connections

We know that there is no real substitute for coming together to meet & celebrate as a group.

But in today’s fast moving and dynamic environment we can still stay connected with real time gatherings in smaller groups and be invigorated as a collective.