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The Conference Collective Podcast Series

Welcome to the ‘The Conference Collective’ Podcast, celebrating the best in innovation and leadership from those who are creating a positive change in the business events industry. A podcast brought to you by the Professional Conference Organisers Association and hosted by Libbie Ray from Connected Event Group.

This podcast series provides listeners with behind the scenes access to some of the key innovators in our industry as they share their honest and raw insights. It highlights how collaboration, innovation and resilience are at the core of the events industry and the reasons we have managed to survive through the most challenging time our industry has faced. Get ready to learn more about the brave new world of the business events industry.

Episode 7

Making the most of your event photographer with Helen Oswald

In this episode of The Conference Collective Podcast we welcome Helen Oswald who shares her top tips on capturing prominent moments from your next event. Helen discusses how to maximise staging and what design features will have a positive impact on photograph composition. Helens warns you on common mistakes event organisers make that can detract from your images while shedding light on how an event photographer can add value for your sponsors and enhance your brand. Helen further shares ways in which event imagery can be used in marketing and promotional efforts in the future to get added value from your photographer.

About Helen Oswald

Helen is the owner and operator of Magnetic Shots, an event photography business which she started back in 2013 with her wife Megan, after moving home to Sydney from London.

Using the people and business skills she had learnt in hotels and restaurants, whilst travelling and working overseas, it was time to try her hand at running her own show.

Helen has always loved the visual arts, and it was back in school that she picked up photography to express herself after quickly learning that drawing wasn’t her forte.

Combining her passion for photography and events, she has refined her skills as both a photographer and business owner over the last 10 years. Helen now travels to capture her client’s amazing events all over Australia and so is rarely back at her Hunter Valley home to tend to the veggie garden. She doesn’t do it all alone, Magnetic Shots now with a team spread from Newcastle to Canberra who are equally passionate about event photography.

Connected Event Group

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