Producers, Managers
and Convenors

Barry Neame, president of the PCO Association, opened the recent PCOA18 conference by challenging the 440 attendees to be brave and embrace change.

At the PCOA18 conference held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Barry Neame said there continues to be such a strong sense of collaboration at the PCOA conferences.

He said the attendees are happy to share their experiences, and this is appreciated by the growing number of In-house Event Planners joining the PCO Association and attending the annual PCOA conferences.

Neame said there is a great need for Event Planners and or Event Management companies to become accredited. He said, “accreditation determines if the Event Manager or Event Management company meets or exceeds minimum standards of service standards and business practices”.

“We see a surge in clients expecting an assurance that the event manager and or event management business they are dealing with meets the professional standards and is capable of delivering consistency and reliability in the delivery of its services”.

“Venues are recognising the value of working with an accredited event manager and or event management company”

“More so than ever before, Event Planners and Event Management Company’s need to be aware of the key areas to secure the data of their event. There are many risks to a modern event that can be catastrophic is exploited by the wrong people. As event organizers, it is important we diligently protect our events on multiple fronts.”

Neame went onto say he believes Event Planners must nurture their relationships with clients and suppliers.

“Like anything of great value, strong relationships don’t just show up on their own. You must do your part, take responsibility, be agile and do the things that will build relationships for mutual benefit”.

Join us for the 12th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition, International Convention Centre, 8 – 10 December 2019