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Why it pays to choose a certified event management company

Event prof Karen Sainsbury makes a case for choosing a certified company when outsourcing event management.

Karen Sainsbury, a PCO Association councillor and managing director of Cornerstone Events, shares why a certified event management company can make all the difference for your conference or meeting.

You no doubt know that not every event management company in business is a certified one – there is no barrier to anyone setting up a business. However, there is a significant difference between those that have undertaken a certification process and those who simply open their doors and start operating.

Karen Sainsbury
Firstly, if you are working with a certified event management company, you know you are working with a business with at least one team member that is a certified event manager who has been recognised as achieving a balance of holding academic achievement, industry qualifications, event experience and delivery quality.

Would you use a real estate agent or electrician that did not have industry certification? Probably not!

So think about why you would even consider risking your company’s brand and your reputation by working with a company that does not hold recognised certification credentials. The significant investment your organisation makes financially into your conference is worthy of this consideration.

Working with a certified event management business provides assurance that you are working with an organisation that is committed to the highest quality event management business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement.

In order to receive certification, event management companies are required to undergo rigorous demonstration of policies, procedures and financial management, business continuity plans, risk processes, and demonstrated compliance with a set of industry standards – all audited by an independent accounting firm. Certification is reassessed every three years to ensure currency in the industry.

By definition, certification is the process of giving official or legal approval to a person, company or product that has reached a particular standard. The certification process ensures that their practices are acceptable, behave ethically and employ suitable quality assurance protocols in their business

Make sure that next time you are looking for a partner to deliver your events, you first look to the PCOA website for a list of certified conference businesses.

Spice – This article was reproduced in partnership with the PCO Association.

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