Producers, Managers
and Convenors

Accreditation provides clients and industry with an assurance that the Event Manager and or Event Management Business they are dealing with is committed to the highest quality event management business practices, consistency and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards and dedication to continuous improvement. It offers peace of mind you are engaging with a qualified professional.

The PCO Association has two types of available Accreditation – Certified Event Manager (CEM) is the peak professional standard for event managers. Certified Event Company (CEC) is the peak professional standard for event companies.

AccreditationCEM certification is based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments of intelligence/academic ability, industry qualifications, experience and quality of delivery.

CEM accreditation is offered across the various membership types with varying accreditation criteria for each member type.

For a company to be awarded CEC accreditation it must have a minimum of one CEM employed in the business and additionally satisfy certain other criteria.

Accreditation for CEM and CEC are for a period of three years, after which time the individual CEMor business need to apply again to maintain their accreditation.

If a CEC loses its sole remaining CEM, then that CEC will be required to relinquish its CEC status until the business has another CEM in its employ.

The Accreditation application forms and detials for both individuals and businesses can be downloaded from the PCO website

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