Producers, Managers
and Convenors

Events can cause a lot of waste and leave a large carbon footprint. According to the typical conference waste attendee produces 1.89KG of waste per day, 1.16KG of that will go directly to a landfill.

As an event planner, you have the control over changes you can viably make to your event: you can make your events more sustainable.

  • How can you begin changing the way you do business?
  • What choices can to be more sustainable?
  • Before you start changing the world, determine your impact. Don’t assume.

People embrace events because of the connections they make and the sense of community within the event. There are countless ways to enhance the experience while making it sustainable.

It starts with you

Even if you are just thinking about how to stage more a sustainable event, it’s important to ‘spread the word’ about your work. Share your initiatives with clients, guests, suppliers, industry partners, colleagues and management. Ask what can be done, find out how you can implement change and keep within the budget.

People will appreciate your efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.