Producers, Managers
and Convenors

After two years of being limited to the virtual environment, event planners now finally have the capability to return to in-person events — as physical venues have once again opened their doors in many countries across the world.

When the pandemic had taken over most of the world, embracing technology was the only option left for event planners. Now, with the arrival of face-to-face meetings and conferences, there’s one question that still perplexes many in the industry: will event technology remain relevant?

Pivoting from in-person to virtual events, a couple of years ago, wouldn’t have been possible without technology. In doing so, several benefits offered by virtual events made event planners realise how technology transformed the way they can connect with their audience.

As a result, audience expectations hit a new high and event planners had to keep up with these changing behaviours. As only those who were willing to embrace technology, and adapt to the changing industry were able to survive in these challenging times.

Moving ahead, event planners now need to think of ways they can provide optimum value to their attendees and other stakeholders at in-person events. Additionally, with virtual events setting the bar high when it comes to the event experience, in-person events now need to be a step ahead than they were before the pandemic.

We have listed HERE some ways in which you can leverage technology to make the return to in-person events more exciting and seamless for your attendees.

Gevme is a PCO Association business partner