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BECA 2The business events industry demonstrates it is a powerful facilitator of:-

Job generation across Australia
International trade opportunities
Regional development and tourism pathways
Soft diplomacy
Go-to-market strategies for new products and services (especially from regional areas)
Knowledge sharing: research, new technologies and partnership creation

Over 38 million people attended more than 429,500 business events across Australia between 2015-2016*.
*Information and statistics provided by the Business Events Council of Australia.

Every day, Australia’s business events sector brings together thousands of people at meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions.

Business events stimulate the visitor economy; however, their impact is much more far-reaching.

Business events are major drivers of the Australian economy, generating jobs for life, international trade, investment and both regional and national economic development. We are on the precipice of major growth opportunities.

The business events industry is a dynamic, organised and a vital element of the visitor economy. It stands on its own two feet as a major contributor to Australia’s GDP and enables significant commercial opportunities, jobs and contributes to our reputation as a progressive, innovative and successful nation with which to do business.

Around the world, governments are investing in business events to attract trade, investment and talent. Globally, the business events sector is forecast to grow at 4% and for years has outstripped GDP2. We were once in the lead, but we are now getting left behind.

Over 38 million people attended more than 429,500 business events across Australia between 2015-2016
These DIRECTLY generated:

• 193, 203 direct jobs (2% of Australia’s working population)

• $30.2 B in direct expenditure

• $13.9 B in direct value added

• $24.9B in total economic contribution (GDP)

International delegates spend, on average, 21% more than other international visitors over of the course of their trip and 77% more per day.

The business events sector is a high-value, fast growing component of the visitor economy, where 1 in 5 dollars spent by international visitors in Australia is spent by an international event delegate.

New jobs for today and tomorrow.
Major knowledge translation.
Business events have an engagement footprint that goes way beyond the event. While scientific breakthroughs and commercial ideas make inroads to new development, it is through meetings and business engagement that the ideas are brought to life and commercialised – resulting in knowledge translation.

Increased competitive power for the lucrative business events tourist
Australia’s key competitors for business events have caught on to the power, potential and economic activity generated by this lucrative market.

Information and statistics provided by the Business Events Council of Australia

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