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International Productions looks at the content and technology that are shaping events beyond tomorrow

In toInternational Productionsday’s digitally saturated society – the events industry is constantly evolving as new trends in technology continue to explode onto the scene.

Technology that was once considered far-off is now here and with each innovation and new product that becomes available, it’s essential event professionals experiment to improve their content communication and enhance the attendee experience.

So, what does the future hold? Event content in the future will be all about merging the offline and online; combining live and virtual experiences to engage event attendees in multiple ways.

Event technology is currently inherent in every element of the experience pre- to post-event, and event managers need to consider how new technology can be used to offer content that is engaging.

As innovation continues to skyrocket, technology remains essential to creating a seamless and personalised onsite experience for delegates, as attendees continue to consume content both in the short and long term.

So, what makes event content engaging?

Short, sharp, well scripted content that is relevant.

Two elements are enabling more content relevance than ever; customisation and personalisation. To deliver the best customised content, take a step back when planning your event, identify what it is you wish to communicate and devise a bespoke content format purpose-built for your event. A personalised approach ensures a highly-tailored script and specially-designed visuals that will achieve cut through with your audience while also encompassing key messages and wider event themes.

What technology is guiding the future of event content?

Virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video are dominating tech talk around the world.

VR allows the user to be in control and immerse themselves in a virtual environment. VR technology however, is still quite limited in its content offering for events and with much room to develop is likely to grow as an effective tool to engage and transform your event experience.
360-degree video is increasingly being used to break the fourth wall of events. Sharing 360-degree visuals online and on social media platforms extends the event experience to those who can’t attend – increasing brand awareness, while also creating valuable post-event content for delegates to relive after the event.

You screen, I screen, we all screen for big screens!

Screens have always shaped interaction with content at events, and this will only intensify in the future. With major in-roads recently made into the technical capability of LED screens, we’ve seen the image quality increase significantly with the pixel pitch decreasing from 10mm to under 2mm.

LED screens can transform a room and truly shape the guest experience; the flexibility to build screens of different shapes and sizes to suit your venue and work with your theme and brand – really does create an immersive effect. With event managers continually setting AV challenges to find new ways to use LED to present content at events, the options are proving somewhat limitless.

For now, projection continues to be the primary screen used to deliver content at events, predominantly due to the high price point of LED screens, but I predict as demand increases for LED screens, economies of scale will take effect to help make LED technology more accessible in the future.

Meanwhile, holograms personify content by bestowing interactive and human qualities to three-dimensional visual technology – for not only the wow factor, but to increase audience engagement. Like LED screens, holograms continue to go from strength to strength and as adoption of the technology across the events industry in Australia and around the world increases, we will see the price become more accessible for the mass market.

The future of content is bright, I’m personally so excited to see how event content will communicate with delegates in the future and explore how we can further customise and personalise content so no two events feel the same. As event managers continue to embrace new technology, and bespoke content – we have a prosperous future of events and conferences ahead!

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