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"<br The EventsAIR Social Media Marketing Automation Tool, a first for the events industry, automates the upload and update of prospective attendees to a client’s Facebook and Twitter advertising platforms.

As more and more meeting organisers turn to social media to market their events, the automation of these targeted prospect lists, or audiences, has become a crucial element of a meeting planner’s advertising efforts.

With the EventsAIR Social Media Marketing Automation Tool, planners filter and select who they wish to upload to their social media advertising platforms. With EventsAIR, it’s extremely easy to select specific sectors of their own databases, such as prospective Exhibitors, Students, Attendees, or any other segment that they wish to specifically market to.

Trevor Gardiner, CEO of Centium Software, noted that EventsAIR works behind the scenes in real time to make sure that only the targeted prospects are uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

“When they apply a specific filter in EventsAIR, for example, Exhibitors from the previous year’s event, then only the identified list of Exhibitors is uploaded as a Facebook or Twitter audience,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The PCO or meeting planner simply defines an update schedule and after that, EventsAIR does the rest. If a prospect registers for the event, they are removed from the next upload of that audience. If new prospects are added, they are automatically updated as well.”

Mr. Gardiner noted this is the first time an event management platform has integrated event marketing data with leading social media platforms.

“We constantly consult our customers and learn how they are growing their businesses,” Mr. Gardiner said. “Many PCOs are constantly looking for ways to market their events more effectively and social media platforms are offering fantastic opportunities to reach markets and clients that were impossible even a few years ago.”

The EventsAIR Social Media Marketing Automation Tool is available to all users as a standard feature of their EventsAIR license starting with the Version 5.2 released Mid-April 2017.

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