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Tablet in male hands Centium Software, publisher of the award-winning event management platform EventsAIR, announced the release of a major enhancement to the Organizer App that is part of the EventsAIR platform.

The EventsAIR Organizer App, which is accessible to an event organizing team as an Apple or Android app, has a revolutionary feature – the ability to operate the app in offline mode. Event Organizers can choose which data they wish to save locally, allowing them to perform dozens of onsite tasks even if they lose Internet connectivity.

“We know how critical it is for organizers to be able to manage hundreds of onsite tasks and jobs from a cloud-based smart device.” said Trevor Gardiner, CEO of Centium Software. “Now, the EventsAIR Organizer App is even more powerful with the ability to operate even if you lose Internet connectivity. You can instantly switch to your locally stored data and operate essential tasks such as managing run sheet activities, checking people into sessions or functions and viewing reports. When you regain Internet connectivity, you can instantly switch back to the cloud without any interruption in the app. Everything stays synchronized and operational.”

Since its release, the EventsAIR Organizer App has revolutionized how meeting organizers manage the hundreds of onsite tasks and jobs during a live event or meeting. The powerful App provides a cloud based collection of tools that integrate in real time to the EventsAIR Platform.

Organizers can manage their run sheets tasks, track agendas, look up attendee details, scan attendees into functions and sessions, check attendees into an event, send out alerts and messages and more, all from their tablet or smart devices. Eliminating the need to print out hundreds of sheets of paper has been a huge benefit to organizers.

“Organizers can simply carry a tablet around with them instead of a notebook overflowing with paper,” Mr. Gardiner said. “The power of real-time access to attendee details, reports, agendas and tasks cannot be underestimated. Organizers have the power of access to a complete registration platform available in real time from their tablet.”

The updated EventsAIR Native Organizer App is available to users of EventsAIR via the Apple App Store and Google Play from April 2017.

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Centium Software develops innovative software systems for the meeting/events industry, landmark world events and the accommodation industry. For more than 25 years, the team has developed mission-critical management solutions that enhance productivity, lower labor costs and increase profitability.
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