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RYeoWorkshopJan2018We all know that innovation is essential to ongoing success but how do you access and implement new ideas, and how do you prioritise which parts of your business are most in need of a new approach?

Strategy consultant Rosie Yeo says her interactive workshop at the 11th Annual PCOA Conference & Exhibition in Melbourne will help delegates make smart decisions about where change is needed.

“It’s one thing to agree we all need to innovate, but it’s a lot harder to focus on where to put your effort and come up with great new ideas”, she said.

Rosie says a quick self-audit at the start of the process can help people focus on key areas. She gives people a 5 minute check where they consider 5 key areas of their business, and for each they note down:

• Over the past two years, what has changed externally?
• Over the past two years, what has changed about the way you do this?

“Suddenly a clearer picture emerges of where you might be lagging or leading, but of course that’s not the whole story.”

A similar exercise, now focused on the future rather than the past, helps delegates identify where they can potentially lead through innovation.

“The workshop will help people take those important first steps towards innovation in their business by offering some simple frameworks to work with, and I’m sure, some great ideas from other delegates.”

Rosie has another tip for those focused on innovation:

“Be very clear about the scale of the innovation you’re considering – is it about changing the way you do things (operational innovation) or actually changing the things you do (a strategic shift)? Both can dramatically change your business, but the planning and implementation processes can differ.”

The 11th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 9 – 11 December 2018. Registration now open.