Producers, Managers
and Convenors

The 2019 PCOA conference, building on discussion at last year’s event, will equip and prepare attendees for a world where ‘Anything is Possible’, says PCO Association president Barry Neame.

He says the conference program is going to explore new ways of thinking, working and creating via a combination of practical and thought-provoking sessions delivered by industry leaders, practitioners and ‘edge-thinkers’.

“Attendees will discover what is possible when ingenuity, creativity and unpredictability meet.

“We’ve welcomed delegate feedback asking for more case studies, more sharing of ideas and fresh approaches to conferencing. In 2019 we are curating a line-up of outstanding speakers and panellists and will be covering a range of topics in an informative and interactive way.

“The speakers and panellists will, by looking at the sub-themes of ingenuity, creativity and unpredictability, discuss everything from preparedness and risk management to change-making and risk-taking.

“This program, by uncovering opportunities that lie ahead, will be loaded with practical examples and ‘take-always’ to implement at your next conference, within your business or in your professional life.

“We believe it’s through this sharing of knowledge that the industry will thrive and grow.

“Let’s ‘look up’, be prepared to be challenged and discover together that ‘Anything Is Possible’.

Join us for the 12th Annual PCOA Conference and Exhibition, International Convention Centre, (ICC Sydney) 8 – 10 December 2019