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Sustainable Event Management

Even if you are just thinking about how to stage more a sustainable event, it’s important to ‘spread the word’ about your work. Share your initiatives with clients, guests, suppliers, industry partners, colleagues and management. Ask what can be done, find out how you can implement change and keep within the budget.

People will appreciate your efforts to reduce the carbon footprint.

Promoting sustainable events

MCEC partners with Harry the hirer to promote Sustainable events at AIME2020. Event sustainability is one of the fastest-growing considerations in the meetings industry, as public expectation increases for lower carbon emissions and less environmental impact. At AIME2020, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) partnered with renowned events and exhibition hire company, Harry the hirer, to inspire delegates to take…

EventsAIR 6th Generation

EventsAIR changes the game with its 6th Generation Event Technology #6thGen 17 February 2020 – EventsAIR Launches its anticipated new 6th Generation event management platform to the world.   A long history of over 30 years EventsAIR latest release holds nothing back. Built on the latest web architecture offering a highly secure, fast and mobile cloud-based system. It offers the…

Visual Storytellers Group – M Gallery

We were at PCOA Conference in Sydney and had the awesome and fun time of activating the M Gallery for Sofitel Booth. We painted a mural live over the three days to bring to life what the experience of M Gallery by Sofitel means.  It was a real talking point over the conference and we absolutely loved to be…

A Welcome Acknowledgement

Andrew Klein, professional MC and presentation skills speaker and director of SPIKE Presentations, presents his front line observations on conferences in a regular feature in BEN.
Acknowledgement to Country performed by The KARI Singers was so powerful, joyous and moving…

Hot Seat

“Certification determines if an event manager or event management company meets or exceeds minimum standards of service and business practices,” he says.
“Clients see certification as a method of ensuring they are getting quality and at the same time being assured of risk mitigation.”

Event Branding: Consistency vs. Uniqueness

An event’s brand is much more than a logo or colour palette. It’s what constitutes the identity of your event and what differentiates it among the myriad of others. It can evoke the actual experience, unlock creativity on-site, and promote an emotional connection with your target audience. An effective brand strategy builds awareness and develops trust and loyalty among your…

Tourism Australia – Industry Updates regarding coronavirus

Dear Senior Industry Leaders, Global   Global death toll from coronavirus surpasses SARS deaths There are now over 44,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus across 25 countries. While the death toll now stands at over 1000 people (exceeding the 774 deaths from the SARS epidemic in 2003), almost 5000 people have recovered from the virus. The number of countries reporting confirmed…

Coronavirus Update – Chief Medical Officer

Letter from the Department of Health – Chief Medical Officer Following previous correspondence, I am writing to provide further advice regarding the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The situation in mainland China has not changed significantly over the last two weeks. Cases and mortality rates continue to rise in Hubei province, which remains locked down by Chinese authorities. There continues to…