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meeting newz January / February 2024

In this January/February edition we learn a bit more about Taranaki and discover Tropical North Queensland..
As always, we keep you informed with the latest industry news, events, social scene and people on the move. And of course we bring you the latest happenings from our key partners BEIA, NZEA and PCOA.
We are also very pleased to welcome Business Events Christchurch as a regular contributor to the magazine with an opinion column.

Put the coffee on and enjoy the read!

Taranaki –  Well equipped for Business Events
NZEA – Embracing collaboration in 2024
Social Scene – Out and About
Tropical North Queensland –  Sophistication, Conservation and Relaxation meet
Business Events Christchurch, Chat with Impact  – Embracing Diversity & Inclusion
PCOA – PCOA 23 a resounding success
BEIA Column – Embracing change in 2024
Coast Group Profile – We’ve got the power (and a lead role behind the scenes)

PCOA23 inspires delegates

From captivating keynotes to hands-on workshops, PCOA23 served as a beacon of cutting-edge insights that inspired and engaged participants. The networking opportunities at PCOA23 were unparalleled, connecting attendees with peers who shared a common passion and commitment to excellence. The relationships formed during the event were not merely contacts but the bedrock of potent professional networks.

Empowering speakers guided participants in navigating the challenges of the future. The exchange of ideas and experiences broadened perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of work in business events. 

Beyond the enriching learning experiences, PCOA23 was a celebration. Social events, entertainment, and shared laughter added a vibrant layer to the conference, creating lifelong memories for all who attended. 

The PCOA extends its heartfelt appreciation to the outstanding efforts of Karen Sainsbury’s leadership and the entire program committee, including Denise Broeren, Amanda Burg, Tim Hancock, Nell Harrison, Kelly Kayne, Justin Voigt, and Josephine Williams. Their remarkable foresight, dedication, and hard work throughout 2023 were instrumental in being a part of the resounding success of PCOA23. 

The speakers at PCOA23 truly brought the message home. Attendees didn’t merely listen; they actively participated in conversations, feeling inspired and energised to do better. Inclusivity, diversity, creativity, sustainability, reconciliation, and innovation are no longer mere words—they are actions embraced by all. With these principles in mind, attendees are now prepared to build the foundations for a solid future. 

The shared feedback underscores the success of PCOA23 in delivering not only valuable content and insights but also in fostering a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and connection. Participants have expressed appreciation for the seamless organisation, engaging discussions, and the wealth of knowledge gained throughout the conference. 

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