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Congress Rental Case Study – Salesforce Executive Meeting

Client: Salesforce, The Company We Keep
Location: Park Hyatt, Sydney + Zoom, Globally
Mode: Hybrid

Client vision
The client requested a more professional hybrid meeting solution that could give both remote and in-person participants an engaging experience. During planning sessions with the client, they emphasised the importance of engagement and interactivity of the final solution.

“We want something more engaging and professional than a Zoom call with a stationary camera in the corner of the room… Something that will make the meeting more interactive and make the remote delegates feel like they’re in the room.”

The solution
Our team crafted a solution consisting of four key parts:

Each on-site delegate was provided a Dicentis wireless microphone, giving remote participants clear audio feeds from each on-site speaker.

Panasonic PTZ cameras were placed in the middle of the board table, these automatically panned to the active speaker and captured a clear head and shoulders view of them. Large screens were also placed around the table to give the onsite participants a clear, life-size view of remote participants.

The entire hybrid meeting solution was integrated to provide a seamless experience to all delegates. The system was integrated so that when on-site speakers activated their microphone to speak, the PTZ cameras automatically rotated to the active speaker.

On-site monitoring and support
Throughout the event we provided a three-person technical team per room for two rooms, one to manage audio, one to manage Zoom/presentations and one to manage video.

Client Outcomes
Feedback from delegates was generally positive, and indicated that the client goals for increased engagement and interactivity had been achieved.

Remote delegates reported that the solution felt more interactive than standard Zoom calls, with some expressing that having a clear head and shoulders view of on-site speakers made the meeting more immersive.

Meanwhile, on-site participants were impressed with the seamless integration between the automatic cameras and desktop microphones.

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