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Business Events Tasmania Magazine – Autumn Edition

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Business Events Tasmania Magazine.  Following on from the launch of our Visionary Program late last year, we have taken the opportunity to fill the pages with the profiles and stories of some of Tasmania’s brightest, boldest and bravest leaders – our Visionaries.

The Business Events Tasmania Visionary Program formalises our partnerships with some truly extraordinary Tasmanians, who for many years, we referred to as our ambassadors.  Yet for quite some time now, we have felt that the word ‘ambassador’ just didn’t sum them up adequately.

These people are more than someone who simply represents their industry, they’re pioneers who’ve had to do things differently, because following expected pathways just doesn’t cut it in Tasmania.

Time and again we found ourselves meeting, working and collaborating with humble Tasmanians who were not industry leaders because they had sought out a prominent position; but because they had done remarkable things and ended up as leaders along the way.  These Tasmanians are not just ambassadors or advocates. They’ve cut their own paths. They’ve gained perspective. They’re Visionary.

For event organisers like you, and for your delegates this translates to a business event and conference experience unlike any other. Through our Visionary Program we can connect you with our industry leaders for a business event that enables delegates to get to the heart of what really matters. Visionary indeed.

We hope you enjoy this edition,

Marnie Craig

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