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2018 Conference Presentations

Opening Performance

Message from the PCOA President
Barry Neame, President, Professional Conference Organisers Association Inc.

New and Emerging Technologies in the Events Space
Scott Millar, Young entrepreneur, CEO of Start Up company BOP (age 18)

Creating Meaningful Event Experiences: How to Use Play and Gamification for Audience Engagement and Interaction
Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos, CEO & Founder, Strategic Innovation Lab

First Aid for your Patrons, It Might Not Seem as Important, Until it’s Absolutely Critical
Rob McManus, General Manager, Event Health Services, St John Ambulance Australia (VIC) Inc.

Man + Machine + Marketing. The Intersection of Marketing and Technology
Madeleine Preece, Director, Neonormal

Fast Case Studies – how well do you really Know your clients, Suppliers and Venue

Fast Case Studies – Leishman – its all about people

Fast Case Studies – Venues

Energiser – Beat Box Rox

The Business of Making a Difference
Simon Griffiths, Co-founder and CEO, Who Gives A Crap

A Very Human Future
Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research

Be Challenged – Meditainment

4 Key Areas to Secure Your Event
Trevor Gardner, CEO, EventsAIR

Smart Work
Dermot Crowley, Director, Adapt Productivity

Thinking Outside the Box: Leading Innovation and Change
Tania de Jong AM, Founder and CEO, Creative Universe, Creative Australia and Creative Innovation Global

Fire and Ice: Purpose, Fear and Resilience From the Smallest Girl in the Desert
Samantha Gash

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