2016 Conference Presentations – Day 2


 Day 2 – Monday  28 November 2016

The Future of Conferences

The Future of Conferences

Gihan Perera
First Step

Amplifying the Event - Making an Impact Beyond the Live Experience

Felicity Zadro

Felicity Zadro
Founder & Managing Director
Zadro Communications

How to Better Leverage Membership from your Events
The Worst Sponsorship Ever - A Study in What Not To Do
How to Engage Millenials - Getting Boards on Board with New Technology
World Parks Congress

Suellen Holland

Suellen Holland
Executive Manager
ICMS Australasia

Risk Management and Indemnity for Your Conference
Stemming the STEM decline: Entanglement & The World Science Festival Brisbane

Suzanne Miller

Professor Suzanne Miller
CEO & Director
Queensland Museum Network

NZICC - An Unconventional Journey of Collaboration

Callum Mallett

Callum Mallett
GM Operations
New Zealand International Convention Centre

Who is the Tiger? What is the Mountain? Understanding Chinese Negotiating Tactics
How to Create the Business of your Dreams

Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham
Passionate Performance Inc.

The Collaborative Economy

Natasha Doherty

Natasha Doherty
Deloitte Access Economics