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The Future is Better Than You Think, Future Crunch, Dr Angus Hervey, Tane Hunter and Will Tait

Global Industry Update, Jan Tonkin, Managing Director, The Conference Company, President, IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organisers)

It’s Your Reputation – Don’t Risk It! Dr Neryl East, Director, Neryl East Communications

Path to Profit, Jane Challinor, Director, Real Business Group

An Insurance Update – Protect Yourself, Jason Holmes, Managing Director, H2 Conference & Exhibition Insurance Solutions

How to Increase Real Sales using Linkedin (Seven Secrets to Social), Mark McInnes

Data Security and Digital Privacy Essentials, Ty Miller, Managing Director, Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd

Moving You from Motivation to Transformation, Rita Joyan, Founder, Speaking Success System and The Passion Finder

Designing for Innovation – Delivering Change at Conferences, Joanne Jacobs, Director, Disruptor’s Handbook

The Power of Client Connection, Karen Phillips, Director, Karen Phillips Corporate Communications

Mastering Google Analytics, Jack Golding, Web Analyst, Sensis

Energiser – Blow the Blues Away

Meaning Makers, Phil Nosworthy, Director, Disruptor’s Handbook, Speaker, Author & Co-founder, Switch L+D

Mind Power, People Power, Anthony Laye, Keynote Speaker & Mentalist

Energiser – Boom Time, Be Challenged

The Art of Building Great Teams, Lisa McInnes Smith, Lisa Speaks

Leadership Matters, Peter Baines OAM, Chair & Founder, Hands Across the Water

The Top Technology Trends Transforming the Events and Tradeshow Industries and What It Means For You!, Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball & Co, Meeting Technology Headquarters

Meeting the Disruptor’s – Technology Overview and Panel Discussion
Meeting the Disruptors! Joanne Jacobs – Director, The Distruptor’s Handbook, Benny Sheerin – Technical Director, Appscore, James Sugrue – Founder, AFK Agency
Aaron West –
Manager of Creative Tech, Deloitte Digital