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‘Holiday Here This Year’ – TV and Radio ads roll out 

Tourism Australia’s domestic campaign, Holiday Here This Year, continues to roll out and gather momentum with new TV advertisements hitting the screens in regional Australia this week. This is in addition to the national radio advertisements that started airing last week, and the extensive out of home advertising seen across the country. Industry and all states and territories are working with Tourism Australia to amplify the campaign in their own marketing, with agreement in principle to matching funds provided by the Federal Government.

The campaign has reached over 9 million people on social media channels and the campaign page on has been visited by more than 21,000 people. Get involved with the campaign by downloading the campaign toolkit here and joining Facebook event here.

Destination Australia Conference – Resilience and Recovery
The 6th annual Destination Australia conference will be held on 12 March at Adelaide Oval and is bringing together an incredible line-up of tourism and marketing experts to address the themes of resilience and recovery. Register now to secure your spot.


Australia’s temporary coronavirus border restrictions to be reviewed this week
As you will no doubt have seen, the Prime Minister announced last Thursday that temporary border restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus would be extended for another 7 days. The restrictions are due to be reviewed on 21 February 2020.

The following arrangements remain in place:
• Australia will deny entry to anyone who has left or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days, with the exception of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents including spouses, minor dependants and legal guardians.
• Australian citizens who have left or transited through mainland China in the last 14 days must isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of leaving mainland China.
• People who have had close contact with a proven case of novel coronavirus must isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of last contact.

Border restrictions extended to passengers on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship
Australia’s current coronavirus border restrictions have been extended to passengers on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship which has been quarantined in Japan. Australians on the ship have been offered a voluntary assisted departure flight today. Returning Australians who elect to take the flight will be required to undertake a further 14 day quarantine period at the Howard Springs facility in Darwin. Any other travellers who disembark the Diamond Princess will need to adhere to a 14 day quarantine period prior to travelling to, or transiting Australia.

The following advice is for travellers not on the charter flight:
• If you have disembarked the Diamond Princess you will need to complete a 14 day quarantine period before travelling to Australia.
• If you arrive in Australia and you have not completed the 14 day quarantine requirement since disembarking the Diamond Princess you will be subject to health screening on entry.
• You may be subject to a Human Biosecurity Control Order under the Biosecurity Act 2015 which can include conditions restricting your movement or requiring your isolation.
• Travellers should ensure they complete the 14 day quarantine period to protect the health and wellbeing of Australians, other passengers and airline crew.

More information:

Updated government fact sheets for hotel management and staff and hotel guests
See the latest health advice and details on what actions to take (and download and distribute) here.


The vast majority of confirmed cases of coronavirus are still in China
Over 73,000 cases of the coronavirus (now referred to as ‘COVID-19’) have been confirmed globally. The majority of these (more than 72,000) are in China. Similarly, while there have been 1,875 deaths reported globally, only five of these have occurred outside China (in Taiwan, France, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines). Over 13,000 patients have recovered, including 8 of the 15 Australians confirmed to have the virus.

WHO has published key considerations for the repatriation and quarantine of travellers in relation to COVID-19
The document, published on 12 February includes measures to adopt pre-embarkation, on-board aircraft and upon arrival at the point of entry as well guidance for health care workers and other support staff.

More information can be found here.