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The Conference Collective Podcast Series 3

Welcome to ‘The Conference Collective’ Podcast Series 3, celebrating the best in innovation and leadership from those who are creating a positive change in the business events industry. A podcast brought to you by the Professional Conference Organisers Association and hosted by Libbie Ray from Connected Event Group.

This podcast series provides listeners with behind the scenes access to some of the key innovators in our industry as they share their honest and raw insights. It highlights how collaboration, innovation and resilience are at the core of the events industry and the reasons we have managed to survive through the most challenging time our industry has faced. Get ready to learn more about the brave new world of the business events industry.

Episode 2

The past, present, and future of The PCOA: A Conversation with Barry Neame

Join us on The Conference Collective Podcast as we sit down with Barry Neame, PCOA president, to discuss the association's plans for 2024 and beyond. Barry shares insights into the future of PCOA, outlining upcoming initiatives and goals, while sharing details about this year's focus on helping members navigate contract negotiations.

Explore the pivotal role The PCOA plays in supporting the broader event industry, from fostering the next generation of event organisers, to providing crucial assistance for professionals and businesses within the field. Barry further sheds light on the collective strength that a unified voice brings to the industry, emphasising the power of collaboration over individual efforts. Tune in to the episode to find out more about PCOA member benefits and hear more of Barry’s career journey.

About Barry Neame:

Barry Neame is a Director of Consec, Conference and Event Management and has extensive project and event management experience spanning over 30 years in business.

He has a sound understanding of the logistical issues associated with planning AND managing events as well as an understanding of international protocols and has been commended for his sound strategic and organisational planning skills.

Barry is a current board member of the Canberra Convention Bureau and has played a role in contributing to the focus group that advised on the redevelopment of the National Convention Centre. And of course, we all know Barry as the President of The Professional Conference Organisers Association.

Connected Event Group

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