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The Conference Collective Podcast Series 3

Welcome to ‘The Conference Collective’ Podcast Series 3, celebrating the best in innovation and leadership from those who are creating a positive change in the business events industry. A podcast brought to you by the Professional Conference Organisers Association and hosted by Libbie Ray from Connected Event Group.

This podcast series provides listeners with behind the scenes access to some of the key innovators in our industry as they share their honest and raw insights. It highlights how collaboration, innovation and resilience are at the core of the events industry and the reasons we have managed to survive through the most challenging time our industry has faced. Get ready to learn more about the brave new world of the business events industry.

Episode 4

Embracing Change and 2024 Event Predictions with Michael Fleck

Join us on The Conference Collective as Michael Fleck guides us through the dynamic landscape of business events in 2024. Michael delves into the importance of not just talking about sustainability but implementing policies and practices that create a lasting impact and emphasises the need for events to be 'real,' resonating with audiences regardless of their format.

Michael further explores the vital role of data in the early stages of event planning, highlighting the significance of monitoring sustainable practices and their impact. The discussion unfolds into the delicate balance between making "safe" choices and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the market.

Michael shares insights on embracing change incrementally, one step at a time, and how this approach can lead to meaningful transformation. The episode also touches on the integration of AI in events, providing a glimpse into the technological advancements shaping the future of the industry.

About Michael Fleck:

Michael has had an impressive career, consisting of over 30 years in the events and production space, bringing complex event design solutions to life. He has been instrumental in designing and leading the shift across in-person to hybrid and online solutions.

Michael thrives on challenging global partners with the adage – ‘what would you love to do but haven’t been able to yet’ – giving them the freedom to create. He finds the adrenalin of live-action and guest response that makes our work so satisfying. Michael strives to improve on each new project with innovation and technology.

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