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Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Success, presenting our Corporate Communications Playbook

Now, more than ever, virtual events are a critical element of corporate events programs. In a post-COVID climate in which planned physical events may be postponed with little warning, virtual events are an essential part of any corporate events risk management strategy, offering certainty in the face of global volatility and accessibility regardless of your local lockdown status. But it’s…

Virtual events play central role in Australians’ working life as online attendance continues to grow

ONE in three of us now attend more than 10 virtual events a month, according to a new study that indicates the sharp growth in online events sparked by the need to work and meet remotely could become permanent.

More than half (51%) of the respondents to the Australian study 1 expect to attend even more virtual events this time next year, while four in five say virtual events can be “as good as or better than their physical event counterparts”.