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PCOA RECAP – 2020 saw conversation through our networks

A long supporter of the business events sector, the PCO Association (PCOA) is proud of what it has achieved for its members and business partners during the past 12 months.

Technology and social media platforms kept the PCOA family together when we stood physically apart.

The new PCOA website brightened lives in 2020 and opened a new world to information sharing, learning and updates. It kept the industry working.


Barry Neame, PCOA President said, 2020 saw innovation, motivation and conversation through the associations networks. We adapted by listening to our member needs, working smarter and engaging more.

That was merely the start, visitations to the PCOA website have increased by more than 100% over the past 12 months.

Business Events professionals have increased engagement, particularly on LinkedIn. PCOA has seen an increase in over 30% of new connections.

Barry Neame, PCOA President and Mike Pickford, PCOA Councillor Victoria have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months representing both the PCOA members and business events industry in getting the Federal and State Governments to recognise the contribution the business events industry makes to the economic activity within Australia via venue hire, catering, travel, production, audio-visual services and much more.

In surveys of the PCOA membership, they conservatively established the association’s members were annually responsible for $500m of domestic hotel bookings pre-COVID. This represents only a small dimension of their contribution to economic activity within Australia and of course Victoria – venue hire, catering, travel, production, audio-visual services and much more are all part of a mature, competent supply chain.

Strength in numbers is definitely important as the business events recover together.