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How to Choose your perfect Conference Photographer


You’re creating an epic event and encompassing all the specifics your client is throwing at you. Your next task is booking a photographer, but your favourite photographer isn’t available.

Helen Oswald, Magnetic Shots and PCOA business partner, shares below the three important things to consider when selecting your photographer:

1. Personality
2. Photos
3. Price

Make sure you ask yourself:-
– Is this photographer a good fit for my team
– Are they going to be intuitive as well as able to take instructions
– How will they represent my brand to others
– Will they be easily to contacted on the day/days


Review the photographers work on their website as well as socials.
You are likely to get more recent work on their social media channels rather than on their website.

Things to look out for and consider:

Has the photographer got examples of similar scenarios to your conference eg indoor, dim lighting, natural light, fast moving activity, a wide room for plenary or a distant stage for key note speakers
Does the photographers post production style suit your client’s brand and industry. Eg dark and moody or light and optimistic?
Can the photographer share with you a complete set of conference images (as provided to previous clients)
Does the photographer catalogue and arrange your images into logical folders or are they delivered in 1 batch of 1000+ images
What is the photographers turnaround time on images – can you have a batch of 30 on the day for media releases and socials


Definitely listed in 3rd place here for a reason. If you are happy with 1 and 2 – it will be easier to justify a photographer’s price to your clients budget.
Did you know a photographer spends at least 2 hours editing for every hour of shooting?

It is important to check:

Who owns the copyright of the images and are you restricted in using them in the future
How many photographers and assistants are included in the quote
Does the photographer charge travel costs
Is the quote for unlimited images or will quantity be capped
Does the photographer edit their images in house or outsource it
Remember that every hour shooting creates about 2 hours editing

Finding the perfect photographer important. Your delegates will have access to great memories of a conference well organised by you.

Just remember: Personality, Photos, Price, in that order.

C: Helen Oswald
M: 0402 530 642