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InnesInez Kharouni – “I enjoy the diversity of my role, which allows me to experience and be trained within different parts of events on a day to day basis”

I was given the opportunity to complete an internship with Cornerstone Events whilst undertaking my university degree.  During this semester, I realised that the events industry was where I wanted to pursue my career. After completing a degree in Media and Communication and Journalism. I started at Cornerstone in September 2016, as their part-time Digital Marketing Coordinator to design and execute the rebranding initiative and also to establish and implement their social media pages.

After a year with Cornerstone Events, my scope has grown immensely, with much of my role now very event focused as I work closely with my colleagues on their events. Whilst my title is Digital Marketing Coordinator, my core responsibilities range from: coordinating Cornerstones social media pages and blog, assisting clients with their digital marketing and design work for specific events, sourcing and liaising with venues for clients, designing and creating incentive and conference proposal documents and also the running of onsite events.

I enjoy the diversity of my role, which allows me to experience and be trained within different parts of events on a day-to-day basis. Cornerstone has given me an amazing opportunity and allowed me to grow within the events industry. Coming from a digital marketing background it has been fantastic to utilise my creativity and digital technology skills to assist clients in the creation of their events. I also love the versatility between each event – working with Cornerstone, no two events or days are ever the same.

The events sector is constantly evolving and I am interested in understanding how digital marketing and new technologies can be utilised to assist and grow the event industry. I appreciate how the events industry is extremely involved in new and developing technologies, and utilising them to better their events. I also love the opportunities the events industry allows to travel and discover new venues around the world.

My biggest highlight in my short time in events would be going on my first famil – it was an awesome opportunity for me to experience and discover about the events we can create and offer to our clients – it was also great to get a feel for the industry first hand. This eye-opening experience was extremely influential in pushing me towards wanting to become an event professional as it allowed to appreciate the special and ‘wow’ factor moments we can create for our clients.

In the future, I plan to delve more into the events side of my role and would love to see myself designing and styling events and utilizing the latest digital technologies and trends to help our clients.

Manager’s comment:
“Having Ines join our team has bought a fresh approach to our business, and a real asset to working with our clients on their social media campaigns to boost delegate numbers. Ines has a maturity and poise well beyond her years, which enables her to blend in with our team, and importantly our broad customer base. We are excited to see her grow and achieve her career goals within our wonderful industry”

Karen Sainsbury
Managing Director
Cornerstone Events

PCO Association – Councillor NSW

February/March 2018 Micenet