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EventsAIR Releases New Virtual / Hybrid Event Management Solution

Over the last ten weeks, the EventsAIR team has been hard at work developing a virtual and hybrid extension to their 6th generation event management platform (EventsAIR) called OnAIR. Over 8000 attendees have experienced and tested the platform during this time and with its first major live successful virtual event under its belt, OnAIR is here to help get event organizers back to business.

The team at EventsAIR took on much more than just developing a feature rich virtual and hybrid event management platform. They have also created a significant amount of educational resources including an online learning management system, white papers, and intense boot camp program, all aimed at enhancing the skills of meetings planners to prepare them for a hybrid event world.

The vision of OnAIR is to deliver an online framework that empowers professional event organizers to curate complex content and deliver virtual and hybrid events with ease. The way OnAIR achieves this is by utilizing the powerful award-winning EventsAIR 6th Gen event management platform and the rich data set that it contains, including attendee, exhibitor, sponsor, and speaker data. This data and content are surfaced in an online timeline presenting a virtual attendee user interface that can be utilized for virtual or hybrid events.

“The OnAIR solution covers the short term need for purely virtual events and has been designed to transition to hybrid and enhance live events as the event industry gets back to business”, says CEO and Chief Software Architect Trevor Gardiner.

OnAIR offers a range of modules to tailor your event based on your attendee requirements whether they be: virtual sessions that can be on demand or pre-recorded videos; interactive webinars or live broadcasts for that professional touch; networking functions for groups, video chat and exchange contact details; interactive workshop groups that can be pre-allocated and facilitated; exhibitor marketplace where exhibitors are allocated virtual booths and can pre-schedule one on one video chat meetings or simply have attendees enter their booth, select their booth operator and start a video chat business conversation; and e-Posters to deliver content based on the poster session model where you have multiple presenters presenting to groups of up to 40 people per presentation. Plus, a range of OnAIR tools to help manage your event – presenter mode, virtual control room, Alerts, Live Support Hub and Event Real Time Analytics. Find out more at

“We are excited to release OnAIR to the world and we’re already seeing a multitude of applications that it can service. Event organizers want so much more than a webinar-style meeting. They are looking for a solution that allows them to stay connected with all types of participants and, more importantly, engage and do business in a secure online environment”, says Joe Ciliberto, Global Director of Sales and Marketing.

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