Producers, Managers
and Convenors

An event’s brand is much more than a logo or colour palette. It’s what constitutes the identity of your event and what differentiates it among the myriad of others.

It can evoke the actual experience, unlock creativity on-site, and promote an emotional connection with your target audience.

An effective brand strategy builds awareness and develops trust and loyalty among your consumers.

Your event branding should capture the core elements of the organisation and gain leverage in a wider event marketing campaign through digital and on-site branding.

However, as marketing and brand communication’s capabilities increase, it’s become easier to make mistakes when crafting an event’s identity. Often, a sense of urgency and need for immediacy result in a confusing and potentially detrimental strategy ends up in misaligned attendees’ expectations. For this reason, it’s important to establish and maintain a well-rounded event branding throughout the design, delivery and wrap up phases.

Brand consistency is the pattern that ultimately influences what people think of an organisation. A consistent and engaging event brand helps spark interest and increase attendance; it promises a great experience through visual cues, promotes word of mouth, and drives conversions (particularly on social media).

However, consistency doesn’t have to be boring. Attendees still need engaging, interactive feats that satisfy their craving for audience empowerment. At all phases, the target audience should be the benchmark for any event strategy.


Sometimes easier said than done.