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COVID Smart Technology

The COVID Smart Badge was developed in Australia to help companies return and reinstate confidence at work in a world with COVID-19.

The unique and simple wearable technology delivers practical measures to ensure people feel comfortable, proactively protects businesses by controlling their immediate environment and provides the ability to respond rapidly to a COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Protect your physical business environment
  • Keep your staff & guests safe
  • Wearable wristband, lanyard or watch
  • Social distancing beep, light & vibrate alerts
  • Real-time data updates
  • Data includes users details, locations & close contacts
  • Manage numbers with capacity controls
  • Automated & instant contact tracing

Data Security
Smart Badge takes the privacy of our wearer’s data very seriously with scalable security controls and multiple layers of defence to protect information as per the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

With confidentiality and integrity our focus, and security at the core of the infrastructure used in our software, the collected data is only matched to the Smart Badge ID should contact tracing be required.

Tailored Options that work for your Business

  • COVID Smart Badge or Band
  • Small ‘badge device’ attached to a wristband, lanyard and pocket string
  • Or wristband ‘watch style’ provided in colour options of Black, Red, Blue
  • Face colour options of Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink

For more information download the brochure or visit the website

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