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PCOA’s August webinar – ‘Tactical Marketing for Business Events: Boost Registrations, Engage Attendees and Leverage AI’

In this power-packed 30-minute webinar, Kelly will cover practical tactics to achieve event marketing success that goes beyond just increasing registrations. While getting people in the door is an important part of any event marketing plan. We will also explore the art of engaging your attendees from start to finish. Learn how to create pre-event buzz, deliver memorable on-the-day experiences, and make a lasting impact with post-event marketing.

Event Marketing Success | How do you measure it?

Event marketing not only continues to grow, it grabs the lion’s share of the budget. But, how do you go about finding out whether it’s working? Have you set goals? Are they measurable? Are they realistic? Did you Google search to find what goals you thought were appropriate and come up with a few ways of measuring them that you thought were, ‘OK’?