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Case Study: The Inside Network’s 2022 ESG Retreat at Spring Bay Mill – Crafting Unforgettable Experiences Through Flawless Execution and Versatile Spaces

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In a landscape where business events often blend into a monotonous sameness, Spring Bay Mill stands as a beacon of uniqueness and excellence. Once the world’s largest wood chip mill, it was built in the 1970’s with a licence to export 600,000 tons of wood chips per year. This meant around 100,000 healthy trees from ancient old growth forests in southern Tasmania were clear- felled every year. Philanthropist Graeme Wood purchased the mill in 2011 with the intent of putting a stop to old growth logging in southern Tasmania once and for all.


This case study explores a four-day event hosted by The Inside Network that brought together leaders from various sectors of Australian capital markets to discuss and strategise on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. The retreat serves as a compelling testament to how Spring Bay Mill delivered an experience that was both seamless and unforgettable for every participant.

Key Objectives of the ESG Retreat

  1. To facilitate a dialogue on the transformative changes occurring in capital markets due to pressing societal, environmental, and sustainability issues.
  2. To provide a platform for finance industry leaders to share experiences and insights, thereby fostering a transition towards more sustainable practices.
  3. To offer a unique and immersive experience that combines intellectual stimulation with leisure, set against the backdrop of Spring Bay Mill’s stunning natural setting.

Challenges and Solutions

  1. Logistical Complexity: With 97 attendees, the event required intricate This was seamlessly managed by Spring Bay Mill’s team, who coordinated everything from room configurations to special dietary requirements.
  2. Content Diversity: The event featured a wide range of sessions, from ‘Future Super Design Thinking’ to ‘Corporate Evolution’. Spring Bay Mill’s versatile spaces like the Banksia Room and The Tin Shed were configured to suit various formats, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.
  3. Immersive Experiences: The event also included unique experiences like a traditional smoking ceremony and a ‘Forage to Feast’ These were carefully curated to align with the event’s focus on sustainability and to offer attendees a break from the conventional conference setting.

Key Takeaways

  1. Networking and Collaboration: The event provided an invaluable platform for networking among decision-makers who are keen to drive change in ESG
  2. Educational Impact: Through various formats like practitioners’ panels, Melda discussions, and PechaKucha presentations, the event succeeded in educating and inspiring attendees.
  3. Holistic Experience: Spring Bay Mill went beyond being just a venue; it became an integral part of the event experience, offering a perfect blend of work and leisure in a sustainable setting.

Day One: A Blend of Comfort and Luxury

Upon arrival, attendees were greeted by Spring Bay Mill’s dedicated Sales and Events Manager Alison Wallace and offered an array of Tasmanian Cold Pressed Juices. In the evening guests were Welcomed to Country by local palawa woman Trish which was followed by a traditional smoking ceremony.

“Thank you very much Alison, we really appreciate all your time and effort over the last eighteen months to help make our vision come to life. Big shout out to your amazing staff too!”

–     Caris Graham, Account Director, The Inside Network

Accommodations in the Ridge Quarters and Glamping Tents were prepared to perfection, setting the stage for the days ahead. The 32-tent Glamping Field accommodated up to 60 people, offering spacious Lotus Belle canvas tents equipped with LED lighting, toiletries, and luxury bedding. The Ridge Quarters, on the other hand, provided 12 double or single rooms, each with an adjacent private bathroom and a communal kitchen, lounge, and dining/work area. For those seeking exclusivity, the Ridge Suite offered a self-contained space with two double or twin rooms, a bathroom, and a living/dining area. Event organisers stayed in the Beach Shacks, which not only provided a place to stay but also a favourable environment for planning and relaxation.

Image Credit (L-R): Adam Gibson - Ridge Quarter Suite. Vincent Rommelaere - Inside Network Attendees gather at the Amphitheatre.

Day Two: Intellectual Stimulation in Award-Winning Spaces

The second day unfolded in the Banksia Room, an award-winning space known for its sustainable architecture and design. This light-filled, versatile room offers stunning sea views and is equipped with an adjoining boardroom, bar, and a fully-equipped commercial kitchen. The room was configured to facilitate note-taking and active participation.

Image Credit: Vincent Rommelaere - Inside Network Attendees in the Banksia Room.
Image Credit: Vincent Rommelaere - Inside Network Attendees in the Tin Shed.

Day Three: Immersive Experiences

The third day featured the ‘Forage to Feast’ lunch, an immersive experience that allowed attendees to appreciate the richness of garden-to-plate produce. The day concluded with live music and a grand dinner at The Tin Shed, a versatile space with an open-air deck, bar, and sweeping sea views, perfect for keynote speeches, live performances, or breakout work groups.

Day Four: Reflecting and Reconnecting

The final day began with a farewell breakfast and tree planting ceremony, offering one last opportunity for networking and reflection before the event concluded.

“A huge thank you to the team at Spring Bay Mill for helping us pull together our biggest event yet. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for you.”  –     Ashley Ryburn, Head of Community, The Inside Network

Image Credit: Vincent Rommelaere - Inside Network Attendees after their tree planting ceremony.


The Inside Network’s 2022 ESG Retreat at Spring Bay Mill serves as a benchmark for how business events can be transformed into impactful experiences. The event not only met its objectives but also set new standards in event planning and execution. It demonstrated the importance of choosing the right venue and partner to turn a vision into reality.

Terese Casu – General Manager will be at PCOA23 in Adelaide, on the Business Events Tasmania stand.