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PCO Web Banner FINALAre we loosing the skills to create meaningful relationships?

Lack of trust is one of the top four business concerns according to a study by PwC. Can trust be built without personal interaction? Sure. But much it’s slower than encounters that happen face-to-face.

As human beings we are social animals, however the current era of technology has led us to become so focused on connecting with each other digitally, that we are losing the ability to connect in the real world.

This modern form of communication is leading us down the path of relationships without substance; interactions are more like fleeting transactions. If you want to future proof your business and ultimately your personal happiness, you and the people within your organisation must develop the skills to create meaningful face-to-face interactions.

The Power Of Human Connection
With the skills to create more meaningful human connections, you will be happier, more productive; and you’ll find it easier to win and retain business. Building and maintaining relationships is an ongoing process. Luckily with these few simple hacks, you can simplify and fast-track the process to genuine connection and rapport.

1) Know Thyself
Having a clear understanding within yourself is the foundation when it comes to connecting with others. Having certainty is like a super power, it allows you to communicate effectively and with purpose.
Hack #1 Get clear on your purpose and mission in business and life

2) Be Surprising
Most interactions are barely remembered, they all follow the same path of general conversation. To stand out and be remembered for all the right reasons, leave the other person with a positive impression. Hang up the boring chit chat, and go for conversations that release the brain chemical Dopamine. Dopamine is linked to the reward centre of the brain, and when it is released we feel good.
Hack #2 Get dopamine flowing by asking unique and interesting questions.

3) Value Your Team
A recent study revealed that the #1 reason employees were unhappy in the workplace was due to a lack of recognition. To get the best out of people they need to feel valued and understood.
Hack #3 Recognise and acknowledge a persons skill

4) Find Common Ground
We like people who are like ourselves, so ‘Mirroring and Matching’ body language is a great way to build rapport. Take this one step further and build rapport fast by unearthing your common interests with questions.
Hack #4 During a conversation, seek out and highlight common interests.

As the rate of change and disruption continues to escalate, consider how you will navigate and manage team productivity, motivation, communication, and influence. Yes it is important to invest in technology, but to make an impact and be remembered for all the right reasons, we must also invest in being human.

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