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5 minutes with BECA chair Dr Vanessa Findlay on the road to recovery

As the Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) finalises its COVID-19 Business Events Response & Recovery framework, newly appointed independent chair Dr Vanessa Findlay spoke exclusively with CIM about what a recovery strategy for the business event sector looks like.

What was your first priority when taking on the role?
It was really clear that we needed to have a very good handle on the value of the industry. You could describe it as a canary in the coalmine around business confidence. Not only on its value to the economy, but also because of its catalytic nature of bringing knowledge transfer and acting as a market place for buyers and sellers.

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Rest assured that PCOA will continue to be a voice to government through our BECA membership, lobbying for any support the government can provide to small business in our sector affected by lost revenue due to COVID-19 cancellations, postponements and attrition. 

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