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Making Sponsorship Easy

PCOA23 Workshop Announcement. How to Convey and Deliver Value so Sponsors are Knocking Down Your Door – A Deep Dive “Fish Bowl” Session with Warwick Merry CSP, CVP

Sponsorship is key to many of our events – so why does it always seem so hard and so much effort to get the right sponsors?

Making Sponsorship Work

Many events struggle with sponsorship. It is not that they struggle to get sponsors, it is more that with the ever-evolving events industry, sponsorship does not work like it used to and we need to get better at making it work, writes Warwick Merry. Here are some key elements to keep in mind when dealing with sponsors. It’s not about you While it…

National Professional Speakers Australia announces new President

Warwick Merry is thrilled to announce that he has been appointed as the National President of Professional Speakers Australia. He believes in professional associations and being a member is not enough. Warwick said, “it is important that you contribute to the industry to which you belong. He has served several positions but this is the top one. “Our industry has challenges, our…