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The Complexities of Getting Paid by Bronwen Largier

An investigation into whether professional conference organisers’ payment structures need to change – particularly in the context of the pandemic – delves into an under-discussed area touching on a myriad of issues faced by our service-based, pop-up, one-shot-to-get-it-right business.

Interview with Paula Leishman by Joyce DiMascio: “Snap lockdowns don’t do us any favours”

Interview with Paula Leishman by Micenet’s Joyce DiMascio : “Snap lockdowns don’t do us any favours” Paula Leishman calls it as it is. She’s been running her business as a professional conference organiser for 21 years and has a clear handle on the current state-of-play in the business events market. Her company, Leishman Associates, is based in Tasmania and operates…


As 2020 draws to an end, we’d like to reflect on our conference held just a week or two ago.  It was critical to PCOA that we ensured we held a conference in this challenging year, to give our industry the opportunity to connect, to engage and provide a knowledge forum to continue our professional development.