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Inside Cornerstone Events: From colleagues to business partners- Published by micenet; written by Joyce DiMascio

Karen Sainsbury and Natalie Brumniach have been partners in Cornerstone Events for over a decade now and have amassed literally a world of experience as PCOs.

They started out as colleagues at Novotel Twin Waters on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in the 1990s. Back then, they said one day they would run their own business and make ethical practices and transparency the foundation of the way they would work.

Karen Sainsbury from Cornerstone shares why Accreditation does matter

Over the coming months the PCO Association will continue to profile one of the association’s Certified Event Companies (CEC) by way of a Q & A. In this interview Karen Sainsbury from Cornerstone answers our questions on what it means to be a Certified Event Company (CEC) with the PCO Association. Cornerstone are current members of both nationally recognised industry…