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It’s only been running for six months but Tourism Australia’s Business Events Bid Fund Program (BFP) has already received over 69 applications for events worth a combined economic impact of over $503 million.

Ten wins on the board as bid fund helps convert $97m worth of business.
To date 10 bids worth over $97 million have been converted to business for Australia since the BFP launched back in May.

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Penny Lion, executive general manager events at Tourism Australia, says they are excited by the opportunities the BFP has provided Australian industry.

“Both large and smaller destinations can be more competitive because of the support they can access through the BFP, and it’s great to see results coming through,” she said.

Lion says the newly established fund now means the Australian industry can compete for international events and create “a really compelling” offer that complements Australia’s already strong credentials in hosting business events. “And it’s working” she says.

“Tourism Australia has made available $12 million over three years to secure international business events, making Australia more competitive than ever in the increasingly crowded international marketplace,” she said.

“The majority of applications to the BFP are from the Associations sector, making up 68 per cent of total applications, with the health sector in particular being a strong performer.”

Incentive programs made up just under a third of the events but attracted a greater number delegates for each event.

“2018 was the first year of the BFP, and we’re constantly analysing all aspects of the program’s performance but to date it’s been a success for the Australian industry, and a proud achievement for Tourism Australia,” said Lion.

By cim  /  December 19, 2018