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Navigating Horizons – Crafting an event series for the future

Case Study for Cliftons on the creation of the ‘Horizons: Looking forward to big ideas’ event series in October / November 2023

Innovation and adaptability are crucial to success in the ever-evolving event planning landscape. In June 2023, Cliftons embarked on a journey to create an event with a difference to help our clients stay at the forefront of the latest business trends, and so “Horizons: Looking forward to tomorrow’s big ideas” was born.

An upcoming roadshow of events across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, hosted by Cliftons in partnership with Ovations, Horizons will address some of the biggest challenges and opportunities of our time faced by industries, governments, associations and non-profit organisations.

Inspired by the need to find new ways to engage audiences, Horizons emerged as a beacon of change. Industry research worldwide tells us audiences want shorter, more immersive, and more personalised experiences. Offering shorter keynotes and more interactive workshops, discover the journey of Horizons and how it is exploring a new standard for in-person events. We share the story behind Horizons and learn how you can reshape the future of your events and audience engagement.

The Seeds of Innovation

Our journey began with a simple question: How can we enhance the event experience? Recent local and international surveys of event organisers report the two most important elements for event attendees are new and relevant content (65%) and the ability to take part in meaningful networking at the event (60%). We have also seen smaller events increase, and the traditional long keynote format seemingly lose appeal. So, we began by challenging the conventional wisdom that bigger is always better. We recognised the need to adapt and cater to the evolving preferences of our audience. Thus, the idea for Horizons. Centred around delivering impactful, concise content and fostering genuine and richer client engagement and networking opportunities.

Crafting the Horizons experience

Horizons is not just an event; it’s an immersive experience. We designed it to feature shorter, high-impact keynotes that keep attendees engaged and inspired. As well as pulling together a jam-packed schedule of some of the most prominent speakers across leadership, innovation, and transformation to help our clients and their businesses stay ahead of the pace of change.

The inclusion of interactive workshops allows guests to dive deeper into the subject matter, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. The workshops serve as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking; enabling attendees to gain practical insights and skills they can apply immediately. Throughout the day, there are opportunities for networking and informal discussion over a meal or end-of-event networking drinks. This blend of formats means attendees leave with a richer, more meaningful experience.

“We specifically designed an information-packed schedule with networking and discussion opportunities to aid business leaders and organisations in exploring new concepts, maintaining a competitive edge, and achieving success amidst periods of change,” says Vanessa Green, Cliftons CEO.

The economics of value 

By striking a balance between affordability and commitment, Horizons pricing is set to be economically minded promoting accessibility for a broader audience yet ensure our registrants are invested in their experience. By incorporating this pricing model, we can guarantee that those who register are genuinely interested in Horizons and ensure people are committed to attending. This approach not only secures registrations but fosters a sense of investment in the event’s success.

The desire for in-person engagement

In an era where virtual events dominated, we learned the irreplaceable value of in-person interactions. Horizons was created to rekindle the magic of face-to-face. Our attendees not only benefit from the content but also the opportunity to network, build relationships, and create lasting memories.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation and engagement?

Join us at Horizons to hear from some of Australia’s most engaging speakers, sharing new ideas for leading today – and into tomorrow. Register using the code “PCOAVIP” to receive a complimentary pass for this transformative event series. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Horizons experience.

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