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Linkage Grant Program Reopens at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

6 November 2023  – Gold Coast, Queensland   The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has reopened its Linkage Grant program that aims to attract valuable conferences to the Gold Coast.

Launched in 2011 by the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, the program offers financial support up to the value of $8,000 to recipients to attend eligible conferences around the world.

Linkage Grant has been a significant tool in helping build relationships that in turn generate interest in the Gold Coast as a destination for both national and international business events.

The last grant round enabled three academics to travel to Asia, Europe and North America this year. The recipients are offered an opportunity to further advance their professional development and profile of their research centre/institute, whilst acting as a global ambassador for our city.

Adrienne Readings General Manager of GCCEC explained, “We recognise the importance of international conferences and having influential ambassadors to attract them to our region. The value goes beyond economic to fostering innovation, investment and productivity. Linkage Grant has proven to be a productive tool to support our venue and destination.”

Business events represent one of the highest-yielding sectors in our visitor economy. GCCEC holds an average of 150 events each year, with around 10% of those being international.

GCCEC is a PCOA Business Partner