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Glenn Price, a behavioural change expert, will challenge his audience’s thinking at the PCOA19 annual conference.

He is co-author of top-selling strategy execution book, Drivers — A Story of Transformational Change.

Drivers is described as providing an instantly applicable framework for delivering results through strategy execution, customer and employee centricity, innovation and team engagement.

Glenn has been the global head of learning and performance for TeleTech Consulting, working in five countries, and today is part of the Be Challenged group.

At TeleTech he was responsible for accelerating growth and driving new business for the company’s integrated suite of customer and employee experience services.

In his session he will use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and adult-learning theory. He enjoys sharing real stories, as opposed to expounding large amounts of theory, and having quality interactions and conversations that challenge a client’s thinking.

In his PCOA19 conference session he will show that:-
We all have the opportunity to lead
Strategy execution is predictable and delivers results
The marriage of rational and emotional components is powerful
A leader’s role is to create the right environment and then drive for results.

“Imagine a culture where people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers,” says Glenn.

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