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Cliftons Event Solutions Chief Revenue Officer, Stephen Cox, appointed IACC Australia Asia Pacific 2024 President

Cliftons is proud to be an active member of IACC and is delighted to announce that Stephen Cox, Cliftons Chief Revenue Officer, has been appointed as the IACC Australia Asia Pacific Chapter President for 2024. Throughout 2023, Stephen will serve as President-Elect, shadowing the current (outgoing) president and ensuring continuity for member organisations.

In addition to Stephen’s appointment, Cliftons is cementing our partnership further with IACC through the 2024 IACC Australia Asia Pacific Study Tour. The newly announced 2024 tour dates will be Wednesday, 21 February 2024, to Friday, 23 February 2024, in and around Melbourne, Victoria. Attendees will spend the first day at the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings (AIME) event before the IACC Copper Skillet Final at Cliftons Freshwater in Melbourne’s CBD. Over the following two days, the study tour will encompass a range of venues across Melbourne and regional Victoria, with a strong focus on wine-related conference venues in regional locations. The event program and registration will be available in May.

“Cliftons has previously hosted the Copper Skillet final in Sydney in 2023, so we know the 2024 study tour is shaping up to be a stellar event. We’re delighted that Stephen is bringing his industry knowledge and enthusiasm to the role of IACC President in 2024 and look forward to delivering an exceptional experience for our members under his leadership,” says Mark Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, IACC.

On his appointment, Stephen Cox, Cliftons Chief Revenue Officer and IACC President-Elect says, “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the meeting and events industry through this appointment. For 2023, I’ll be working to ensure the 2024 IACC Australia Asia Pacific Study Tour delivers value for attendees and partnering closely with the existing leadership team for a smooth transition to the President role in 2024. It’s a huge honour to be appointed to the leadership of this organisation, and I look forward to connecting with more members during my tenure.”

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Stephen Cox, appointed IACC Australia Asia Pacific 2024 President