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Business Events Tasmania’s new Visionary Program

The Business Events Tasmania Visionary Program will support and represent the very best of Tasmanian-based industry experts and leader to help secure new industry-aligned business events to Tasmania. Tasmania may be a small island, but we are big on innovation, passion, and enthusiasm.

Tasmanian ambassadors and our Tasmanian Ambassador Program play a vital role in securing business events to the state. But we think the word ambassador doesn’t quite sum up all that they are. They’re more than someone who simply represents their industry. They’re pioneers who’ve had to do things differently, because following expected pathways just doesn’t cut it in Tasmania. They are Visionaries.

The Visionary Program will help Visionaries connect with national and international experts and share with other members of their industries the benefits of conferencing in Tasmania, how living like we do helps us see clear, cut out the clutter and think big.

More on our Visionary Program and current visionaries can be found on our website – Visionary Program – Business Events Tasmania (