Producers, Managers
and Convenors

Ochre Dawn Creative Industries

We are a branding and marketing company who tells visually captivating stories with First Nations at the fore.

As Aboriginal people, we are natural storytellers – it’s part of our makeup. As an Aboriginal-owned branding and marketing company, storytelling is our business.

We help others to tell their story in visually captivating ways. We do this by being the hands that write, that paint, that create; being the minds that ideate, being the voices that declare true identities and unleash a truly Australian existence.

We tell these stories through artwork, promotional products, office outfitting, Reconciliation Action Plan facilitations, training and education, providing a safe space for cultural learning, community engagement, branding and much more.

Our storytelling compels by how people feel exhibiting it and responding to it, by what it looks like, by how clothes feel when they’re on, by who made the story, who crafted it and in the process of how it’s made.

And if you need something that isn’t in our wheelhouse, we can connect you with trusted organisations in our networks to help take care of your business.
Whatever we do, we do it in visually captivating ways that mean something and are true to who you are.

Contact: Rebecca Wessels
Phone: 08 7079 2966