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Mantra at Southport Sharks Events Centre

Southport Sharks is a premier sport, leisure and entertainment precinct located on the Gold Coast.

From humble beginnings at Owen Park in 1961 to becoming a community leader in sport, leisure, and entertainment today, Southport Sharks takes pride in entertaining guests.

Southport Sharks hosts over a million visitors annually and is one of the largest clubs in Queensland with over 55,000 members.

Southport Sharks facilities:

Sharks offer a multi-purpose events centre catering for up to 1000 guests, Mantra at Sharks Hotel offering 120 rooms with 4 accessible room options, restaurants, a café, several bars including the esteemed Aviary Rooftop Bar, two AFL grade ovals, sports facilities, and a modern 24/7 fitness centre.

Phone: 07 5532 1155
Contact Name: Gina Figallo
Phone: 07 5332 1155


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