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There are some things in life that are certain but there are many things that are unknown and unforeseen which is why it is important to undertake Risk Management when running a Conference.  As a Professional Conference Organiser you rely on many other parties and all of the moving pieces to align to ensure the Conference goes ahead as planned, but what happens when things don’t quite go to plan and what Risk Management do you have in place whether it be protecting the risk by Insurance or by another form of Risk Management.

In this brief bulletin we are providing some details on being protected by Insurance as part of your Risk Management.

When the doors are about to open and everyone is onsite for the Conference there are many things beyond your control, a fire in the Kitchen which causes damage to the hotel and conference rooms and your event is cancelled, a production worker is making one last adjustment to a light or projector and falls from the ladder and is seriously injured and the conference rooms are shut down by work place health and safety whilst they complete an investigation, a cyclone rips through a few days before your conference and the venue is damaged and is unable to host your event.  These are just a few examples which are very hard to plan for and in the situation your event can not go ahead or be moved to an alternate location or even if it can be moved there will be costs and expenses and likely the requirement to refund delegates however there will still be expenses occurred and the event owner will be out of pocket and even the PCO may be at risk of not receiving their money.

You may have run Conferences for 30 years or only 3 months and have never had an issue and hopefully never will but that is the reason Conference Insurance is reasonably priced and maybe more cost effective than you realise.  The benefit is that in the event of an incident if you have secured Insurance and the incident is a claimable event your event budget is protected and along with delegates receiving their applicable refunds the expenses of the event are also paid and importantly a lot of associations rely on the Profits from their annual conference to cover the costs of running the association for the next 12 months and without the funds are at risk of closing down.

Why not contact PCO Association business partner – H2 Conference & Exhibition Insurance Solutions to arrange a quote for your next Conference and discover how protecting your Conference will ensure the owner of the event has protected their investment and it may well be more cost effective than first thought.

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